Checklist: General Travel



All participates must have a valid passport. All racers must have a valid USAC or other country license IF you intend to enter the licensed races – age graded classes at the World Masters Bike Race Week and the World TT and Road Race races. However, there are races available for non licensed riders.

Please specify if you wish to enter only non licensed races.



Good weather will be dry, 70 to 80 degrees, bad weather can be rain in the 50’s. Chances of some rain, especially at the World Championships are good. BRING AN UMBRELLA. Bring riding tights and a rain parka. A turtleneck shirt and sweater will be useful some evenings.

Miscellaneous articles:


Consider following: bar of soap, laundry soap, clothes line, wash cloth, AC/DC converter, a large coffee cup, corkscrew, knife, small backpack, string bag for shopping. German-English dictionary, alarm clock, books…

Checklist: Racing

Race Entries:


You will be entered in all races for your age class races, except World Cup Hill Climb. Only one pairs Time Trial, extra pairs Time Trial $15


Bike Gears

The following equipment is recommended: spare set of wheels, spare tires, any essential tools, pump, rags, bike cleaning fluid, wheel bags, old skewer for riding a trainer, hill climbing cassette with 26, 24, 22, 20, 18, 16 TEST HILL CLIMB Cassettes BEFORE DEPARTURE! Do not forget cassette puller/cog tools, 290-350 gram rims and 250 gram tires are sufficient. Spare rear derailleur, cables and chain might be useful. Road and TT bikes for World Masters Cycling Federation Championships must be UCI legal.

Medical Waivers

If you take any special medications, you must check they are not on the WADA banned list. If they are, you will need a medical waiver. There is drug testing. A postive result will revoke your race result and enact a suspension upon you for up to two years.